SF City FC Transit Enjoyers June 9th 2-5pm

SF City FC Game


Location: Boxer Stadium, Balboa Park (Google Maps)
Meet for a picnic: 2:PM (Tables to the east of stadium, bring food/drink)
Game: 3:00PM-5PM Game Info
Tickets: $12, available to buy in person, cheaper in groups Buy them here
How to get there: BART(Balboa Park Station), MUNI Metro J K and M, Busses 49 29 8 43 and 54, Biking(bike parking not ideal, spread around the park), Baywheels

Come support to your city's community-owned football club! This year they are collaborating with Muni to encourage people to take transit and the current jerseys feature the Muni worm logo. The fanbase is incredibly pro transit and the team has even endorsed The Community Transit act! Wear your SF City FC or Muni merch if you have it!

We will be meeting an hour before the game at the picnic tables by the stadium where we can meet some of the dedicated fans as well as enjoy some food and drinks. Sometimes they will sell things like pizza or have food trucks, there is also a corner market nearby. Food, water, and other drinks aren't guaranteed so bring your own if you would like.

Things to keep in mind:

-Its early summer but temperature can drop fast so bring layers

-Wear sunscreen

-Think about bringing your own food and water(not guaranteed on site)

-There is a small restroom on site

-Plenty of seating but you may want extra padding to sit on as its wooden with no back support

-The door is run by club volunteers so its very chill with no security or bag checks

-If you cant make the picnic that's ok! Sometimes people line up early so keep that in mind so we can all get seats together.

-Be ready for pigeon masks(idk what this means)

Getting there:

There are numerous transit options depending on where you are coming from in the city, The J Church stops directly in front of the park and is a great option from Noe Castro or Eureka Valley. BART or the 49 is likely the fastest option for getting there from much of the east and north side if the city. The 8 K and M can bring you from West Portal. The 43 is a great option from the Inner Sunset and Cole Valley. The 8 and 54 can bring you from much of the south side, and the 29 can bring you from the Outer Sunset.

If you are biking from the Mission be careful on Alemany and San Jose Ave as some sections are unprotected and can have fast dangerous traffic. If you come from the west there is a pedestrian bridge over 280 from Havelock St which may be easier to access than the bridge on Ocean Ave. Bike parking is not ideal and is spread about the park. There are also 3 Baywheels stations within a couple blocks.

Considering The Weather

Some of us will likely attend this event rain or shine. Make sure you're prepared for the heat and sun or the rain! If the forecast is calling for severe weather that we think may lead to unsafe conditions then we'll cancel. We'll try our best to cancel 72 hours in advance based on the forecast but of course we may cancel with shorter notice in the event of unsafe conditions.