Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we doing direct action instead of going through the legal channels and calling our supervisors etc?

We are doing both, but getting out there and being seen by people helps encourage others to call and voice their support. It also brings more people out for the cause and lets them know that even though the city made a quick reversal there is still hope that we could get our park back.

Who benefits from a car-free Great Walkway?

People from all backgrounds ride bikes, with people in lower income households more likely to rely on bikes to get around (see for more on who gets around by bike). A flat and car-free Great Walkway is especially accessible to people who might be less comfortable biking on steep hills or in dangerous traffic, as well as providing space to walk, run, play, and enjoy the beach. When the road is open to traffic, the large and growing number of people who do not own a car are excluded from using this space (

Nearby residents are protected from the many health dangers of living near a highway, including long-term impacts on lung health and a higher risk of dementia ( And since transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in California (, everyone will benefit from a network of safe car-free routes.

How do I contact those running this?

We are a decentralized group. There is no one person to contact. You can follow us on Twitter and DM us there.