Safe Street Rebel

Not without a fight

We fight for car-free spaces, transit equity, and the end of car dominance. People, community, and park space must be prioritized over polluting, dangerous & murderous vehicles.

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"The City's Most Beautiful Public Spaces Should Belong to People, Not Cars"ā€“ The San Francisco Chronicle

We regularly protest the city's thoughtless reopening of the Upper Great Highway to cars by slowing traffic to show just how unnecessary of a route this road is. Drivers can save time and give the Sunset District a beautiful world-class oceanside park by simply taking Sunset Blvd or 19th Ave, neither of which are limited-access and vulnerable.

While the Upper Great Highway brought us together, our goals do not end there. We also have done actions on Valencia and Polk, helped win the JFK Promenade, and brought attention to needless car violence wherever it occurs. We intend to make San Francisco a city for people to safely walk, bike and take public transit, not a city dominated by cars, and we hope you will join us in reaching this goal.

The last half-century has been a failed experiment with car dominance. They bankrupt our cities, ruin our environment, and force working people to sacrifice an unacceptable amount of their income to pay for basic transportation. It is time to end car dependence and rethink our streets around public transit, walking and bikes.

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