The Wiggle 👀

The Wiggle 👀

The Wiggle is the main east-west bike artery in SF connecting The Mission and SOMA Neighborhoods to The Richmond, Haight-Ashbury and beyond. Everyone who bikes in SF relies on it, and yet with just two exceptions, every part of the Wiggle prioritizes cars over bikes and pedestrians.

We have some thoughts!

Interested? We’ll have more to say soon (watch this space), but for now we'll be at Wiggle Fest this Sunday from 12-4 at car-free Steiner & Duboce. Come say hi & learn more about our vision for the Wiggle!

DTNA (Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association) has done amazing work advocating for streets designed for people, not cars. Their Vision 2030 project aims to make streets along the Wiggle safe for all ages & abilities to walk and ride, and we’re excited to help them achieve this.

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Featured Image Alt Text: Wiggle Fest flyer: "A celebration of the Wiggle's past & future" April 21, 12:00-4:00. Steiner Street (Closed to cars) between Duboce and Hermann. Build Community, Discuss neighborhood equity + pedestrian & bike safety. Activities for all ages & abilities. Bike & Skateboarding lessons. Music & more potluck (doesn't need to be fancy). Invite your neighbors! [email protected]