Group Chat Community Guidelines

Large, chaotic group chats are a big part of Safe Street Rebel. As a leaderless group grounded in consensus, mutual respect, and a shared desire to end car dominance, we're not that fond of rules. But maintaining a welcoming, growing community that embodies these values inevitably requires some structure.

So we're establishing some group chat guidelines so everyone feels welcome. These may change or evolve. Let's see how it goes:

Post to Create a Welcoming Space

That mostly means being aware of the impact of your words, not just your intent. There are a lot of people in this community, and this chat is especially meaningful to those of us who don't always feel welcome in many safe street spaces. So, while things like shitposting are fine and encouraged, microaggressions and exclusionary language only deter people in the community from having a voice.

Don't Be Racist

And if someone tells you that something you wrote or said is racist, believe them, step back & take time to reflect.

Don't Flame People in the Group Chat

It's ok to disagree! It's not ok to insult people or their ideas, or be generally disrespectful. Save that shit for cagers.

Be Yourself

We all come to this space differently. Some of us are victims of traffic violence; some of us live to mitigate the climate emergency; some of us care deeply about safe bicycle infrastructure; some of us just want Muni to have signage. Most of us want a combination of these things. All of us exist & have been brought up in a world dominated by car culture, the petrostate and the unrelenting shittiness of capitalism. Your perspective matters.