Great Walkway

Great Walkway

One safe road two days a week is not a compromise


The Great Walkway is a beloved 17-acre park, that during the pandemic, hosted 20,000 weekly visitors and was one of San Francisco's most popular open spaces. It's one of the few places in the city for people of all ages to walk, run, skate, roll, and bike without fearing for their lives due to traffic violence.

In August, Mayor Breed brought cars back onto the Great Highway on weekdays at the request of a few West Side Supervisors. This "compromise" goes against the city's climate goals and prevents much-needed accessibility improvements to the park. A vocal few even want 24/7 car access.


During the commute hours we go out for rides on the Great Highway to protest the closure of the Great Walkway. While on these rides we bike slowly so people see us and so that more riders can join us with varying cycling ability.

On every ride we have picked up additional cyclists, runners and skaters that are in support, but did not know we were going to be there and hope more will join future rides. There are often families out for an evening walk that are excited to see us and voice their support. There are also people that are angry and upset at us, but we hope they too can eventually come and enjoy a Great Walkway with us.

Our protests, along with the work done by other organizations, has kept the Great Walkway alive, despite several attempts to scale it back further or even remove it.

How to join us

You can subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on either Twitter or Instagram to hear about upcoming protests. You can also check out our calendar.

Other ways to support the Great Walkway

Great Highway Park is another organization fighting to keep this space, through petitions, working with supervisors and local businesses, and other similar approaches. They also organize some really awesome events, like the Great Hauntway, for those who prefer to enjoy the space when it's entirely car-free.