Identifying a Muni Stop ID

Each Muni stop has a five digit* stop ID beginning with a one. Each stop has it's own webpage which can be reached at<stop ID>, for example:

Keep in mind that the displayed stop IDs are often missing or even incorrect, so always double-check the website. Also stops at an intersection will all have the same name on the website, so make sure the stop is going in the right direction! If the stop ID is missing, consider writing it on the yellow band or shelter to help people out!

(* uses six digit stop IDs for the last stop on a route. Replace the first two digits "1x" with "1" to get the stop's regular five digit stop ID)

Yellow Paint

Most Muni stops are identified by nothing more than a band of yellow on a pole and a yellow stop bar painted onto the street. On the pole there are usually one or two red stickers displaying the stop ID. The yellow stop bar on the street also has the stop ID, though it is often worn away.

"STOP ID 18070" above a yellow band painted on a streetlight pole
Disused yellow stop bar with faded "17684"


Muni bus shelters will usually have the stop ID displayed on the outside wall and next to the realtime departures button (or remants thereof).

"STOP ID #15572" above the map on the outside wall of a Muni shelter.
Stop ID "14843" crossed off above the removed departure times button. Fixed in marker as "#13927"

Temporary Signage

Some stops have temporary nextbus signage displaying the stop ID.

"NextMuni Predictions" poster with "" (the stop ID)